Energy for Rural Zambia


The team

For this project, there were group members brought together from different backgrounds. This team consists of five members who come from two different countries and all have different study backgrounds. In this paragraph, all the team members will be shortly introduced.

Finn Gausmann

Finn is a student from Osnabrück in Germany. His subject is mechanical engineering with a specialization in energy technology. He can contribute background knowledge of renewable energy and typical engineering work. The EPS opens an opportunity for him to improve his communication skills and learn how to work on projects and also improve his skills on the subject. According to Belbin, Finn will mostly contribute to this project as a specialist, which fits because he has the most background knowledge of renewable energy and simulation 

Henrik Dierenfeld

Henrik studies industrial engineering at the Berliner Hochschule für Technik. The degree programme is focused on civil engineering, so he works on a lot of projects in this field. He is generally very interested in technology, even outside the scope of his studies. During his studies, he was also able to gain knowledge about project management and team building, which he will try to implement in the project. According to his Belbin result, he will mostly contribute to the project as a resource investigator, so he will explore opportunities and develop contacts.  

Maaike Kamer

Maaike is studying civil engineering in the Netherlands, at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences. This study focuses on construction, geomechanics, water management and infrastructure. She mostly works on projects, so she is already familiar with project management and working in teams. For this project, she wants to learn more about nanogrids, simulation and working with different cultures. According to Belbin, she will contribute to this project as a coordinator and complete finisher,  which means she will focus on everyone’s strengths and search out errors.  

Tobias Huber

Tobias studies industrial engineering at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim, in the south of Germany. His specialisation is mainly in production technology and the optimisation of processes. Tobias is especially fascinated by the question of how new technologies can be used to make processes more economical. In terms of the project, the project management experience is particularly enriching for him, but also the ability to familiarise himself with new topics. During this project, he will be the project leader because of his strong shaper features, according to the Belbin results.  

Tom Fransen

Tom is a design student with a focus on content creation and storytelling. Everything from motion design, architecture and photography he likes to include in his projects. The projects try to capture a story by implementing storytelling assets to them. This project will be a completely different subject than Tom would normally work on. Therefore, Tom hopes to expand his technical knowledge and further improve his team working abilities. According to Belbin, he will mostly contribute to this project as a plant, which fits with his creativity and marketing ideas.